Industrial Design

Styling / Concepts / Graphics / Color & Trim

We imagine scenarios and concepts, and create new products or means of transport while retaining a clean identity. Our focus on usability issues and technical restrictions, extend from the early phase of roughs and 2D illustrations, to 3D conceptual models and color themes. Our capabilities include : - Project analysis including marketing and technology briefs - Concept sketches and styling proposals - Color & Trim studies - Graphic Design / HMI development - Print / Web communication - Design industrialization.

Digital Modeling

A-Class Modeling / CAE / CAD

The sophistication of the CAD tools considerably accelerate the stages of design, therefore reducing the development time of projects. Estech maintains a true bond between the Design and Engineering, from the first outline drawings, to A-Class virtual models, by taking into account both stylistic issues and technical constraints. Our expertise includes : - Digitalizations - Quick, light 3D concept form development of design projects - A-Class to C-Class production tolerance form and surface development of industrial products - Realistic realtime form and surface analysis - CAE / CAD

Virtual Prototyping

Still Images / Movies / Real Time Visualisation

The Virtual Prototyping is of primary importance in the development of an industrial project. Its role is to emphasize concepts, integrate the product or vehicle in its environment, contributing to decision-making. The Virtual Prototype then becomes a powerful selling tool, as much as a Physical Prototype. Our VFX department realizes : - Realtime 3D virtual presentations and animations - Photo realistic imagery - 3D Stereoscopy images and movies - Communication movies, from story-boarding creation to post-production - Sound Themes & Effects - Interactive presentations or HMI

Physical Prototyping

Prototypes / HMI-Electronic Systems

Estech's Physical Prototyping Department transform your virtual projects into real & fully functional demonstrators or prototypes. Our expertise is global : - Foam validation mock-ups - Full working models of industrial products - Electronic & electrical systems integration - Working HMI - Parts trimming - Material R&D - Functional chassis with engine & power trainsxx

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